Pray for the Scattered and Afflicted:
A Letter From the Editor

Fellow Intercessors,

Consider this three-part prayer Philip Melanchthon prayed with his colleagues:

“We shall commend our cause, therefore, to Christ, who some time will judge these controversies, and we beseech Him to look upon the afflicted and scattered churches, and to bring them back to godly and perpetual concord.” (Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Preface, paragraph 19)

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Let the Students Absorb What You Are Teaching

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Let the Students Absorb What You Are TeachingDo you ever find yourself speaking at a rapid-fire rate trying to finish the Bible study before time is up? It’s a regular challenge for me. That’s why I appreciate the advice I once received: Don’t talk faster—cover less. Just because you are speaking doesn’t guarantee that people are listening. Especially if you are talking faster than the students can follow. Continue reading


Jesus has Secured the Universe

In Romans 13:11, Paul reminds you, “The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” But how do we open our eyes from our sleep? What will secure us from our own nightmares of ignorance and sin? How do we prepare for our salvation?

This article by Pastor John A. Vieths from Forward in Christ (Volume 103, Number 7, July 2016), encourages you to find security in God’s promises and love.

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God’s Word is Always the Solution:
A Letter From the Editor

Dear fellow servant of the Word,

Has the ministry of our called workers changed over the past few decades? Perhaps it has in some ways.

We certainly live in a broken world. That’s not new. It has been broken from the time Adam and Eve coveted the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, refusing to trust God. Abel’s blood, soaking into the earth, testified to just how broken the world was even then. To this broken world God promised a Savior. Throughout the centuries, his words of promise have provided the foundation upon which his church has been built and the glue that holds this broken world together.

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Problem-Solving as a Pillar in Adult Education

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Problem-SolvingThe importance of giving adult students the opportunity to apply what they have learned is one of the assumptions of current andragogy. If we agree that adults learn in order to solve problems, then it seems reasonable to not only teach them biblical principles, to not only convince them that the principle will benefit them, but to also give them a chance to practice the principle before they head back to work on Monday.

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Memorizing Scripture

Memorizing Bible verses, hymns, and catechism truths has always been a key part of Christian training. After giving the Ten Commandments, God instructed his people to take these truths and “impress them on [their] children” (Deuteronomy 6:7). What better way to impress these truths than to have them committed to memory!

Some children seem to be able to memorize very eas­ily, while others seem to struggle. The following ideas may be helpful for parents whose children have a more difficult time:

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