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A Letter from the Editor regarding A Christian Guide to Mental Illness, Volume 1

Dear brothers in Christ,

Once in a while I run across a book and I think, “I wish I could have had this book at the beginning of my ministry.” A Christian Guide to Mental Illness, Vol. 1: Recognizing Mental Illness in the Church and School is just such a book. The subject of ministering to people who are suffering from mental illness was not covered in any detail in our seminary training. I remember hearing the good advice that if we suspected that someone was suffering from a mental illness, we should advise them to see their doctor or refer them to a qualified mental health professional—sound advice. At the same time, though, pastors are still responsible for ministering to their spiritual needs. This book goes a long way in helping pastors and Christian teachers understand the subject of mental illness and how it may affect the people we serve in our churches and schools. It will help us to better understand the struggles they and their families may be going through, the stigma Christians often feel (as if mental illness is caused by or a result of a lack of faith) and how to better empathize with them as we apply the comfort of God’s Word to them. Continue reading

“But I’m pro-choice . . . does that matter?”

That which is growing inside Mary’s womb—what is it? Is it birth material or an unborn child? a fetus or a baby? a human zygote or a miracle from God? What do you call it?

What do you call it when the Holy Spirit comes upon a virgin named Mary and the power of the Most High overshadows her? when he takes her unfertilized egg, just barely visible to the human eye, and in the secret place begins to knit together the body of Christ?

What do you call it when undiminished deity is contained within a single cell? Continue reading